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There’s something about airports and planes that I have always loved. I always meet someone I like. But, I guess that doesn’t take much for me.

Well today, I met 5 people I like. The first was a girl named Sasha. She overheard me talking to a girl who I had met earlier in the week about ministry and she wanted to ask me about it. As she ate her burger, we talked all about ministry and what we want to do on our campuses. There I am, wanting to read my book, but right as I try, someone else talks to me. I do tend to talk a lot, but this life is just not about my desires is it? Then, on the plane were another two young adults from the conference I was just at. They talked the entire plane ride while I slept and read. Later, all three of us talked about a lot of things. Half the people on the plane went to Urbana.

So, I am alarmingly extroverted, as I like to say. But I was so into finishing this book and I didn’t want to talk, I wanted to read. But everything around me was against it. So I took it with a grain of salt because all that these people want is companionship. And I owe that to anyone who asks of it from me, even if for 3 hours. Because I long for it. And I’ve said this a million times but God made us for relationship! And I love that.

Then, I happened to be sitting across the aisle from a woman who was in St. Louis for a wedding. She began to ask me about the conference and just seemed to want someone to talk me to as well. She even got out her camera and showed me pictures from the wedding. I sat there, fighting with myself because I wanted to read, but this woman wanted attention and me to tell her something good. I didn’t even get her name. But we’d talk in waves. We sat at the back where people kept coming to the bathroom. So she would keep coming back to the idea of all these people being at this big conference celebrating Jesus and learning to take his love into the world. She told me she believes it’s time for her to go out and get involved with a church. She wants to find something good and real, and fun. So I’m going to pray for her.

But what is this inside all of us, that compels us to connect so easily and seek companionship in one another? What is it in all of us that longs for something more and heavier and deeper and more profound and exciting? We want relationship! I think God is funny in that he gives us the choice, but innately he made us to worship, long and cry out to Him. Smarty.

So despite my selfishness, I had a beautiful time traveling back to Phoenix.

It’s not about me: John 1:3- Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.


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