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Hello, my name is Bridget Gee. I am 20 years old and I am a Christian. My entire life, people have known me to be very outspoken about my faith. When there’s a Jesus freak around, that also apparently means she’s a virgin.

I once had a friend ask me my freshman year in high school, “Hey Bridget, you’re going to be one of those people that wait until marriage to have sex aren’t you?” My response, “Uhh…yeah!” (Like he was the crazy one, haha.)

I just wanted to take a moment and explain why I think being a virgin is so important because I don’t think I’ve explained it. It does not solely lie in the fact that I’m a Christian. Because here’s the deal, if not having sex makes a person pure, than I might as well have had sex. I am not pure. I have said this before. I joke around about sex, I make light of the subject, I have major lust issues sometimes. But I haven’t had sex, so where does that put me? Does it still qualify me as pure? I don’t think so. So what’s the point?

My attitude is that sex is really important. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s something I want. But it is a HUGE deal. Making sex casual is denying it its credence. If sex weren’t a big deal, then having a child wouldn’t be a big deal. If sex weren’t a big deal, then prostitution wouldn’t be a big deal. If sex weren’t a big deal than trafficking wouldn’t be a big deal. Rape wouldn’t be a big deal. Porn wouldn’t be a big deal. But they all are! They are all a big deal because sex is involved! Sex rules the earth. None of that stuff, other than having a child, is beautiful. It’s all tragic.

The point is, I want sex to be awesome. Sex doesn’t seem awesome before marriage to me. Before marriage, no one promised to love me no matter what. Before marriage, I don’t want children. There are no regrets for me if I wait. I will never know sex to be casual, it will always be special and beautiful. Sex will never be ugly for me. It will be personal and truly romantic. I will know that my husband loves me before we have sex. I will know he’s committed and honors and respects me before we have sex. And, no one else will know that part of me.

For me, waiting is well worth it. I may want to have sex now, but I don’t need instant gratification. I don’t have anything to prove or satisfy. I have the most secure love in my Jesus that sex could never come close to. So, this blog wasn’t to make anyone feel guilty. It wasn’t a, “you’re wrong for losing your virginity” rant. It is just my reasons why sex is so precious and doesn’t live outside the context of marriage in my life.


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Everyday more and more I realize that it’s not about me. I sometimes ask God to give me more of a global perspective because I get caught up in what I know and I act like that’s absolute reality. The world is not attached to my feet. I’m just a blip on it.

So when I am surprised at things sometimes, I feel like I shouldn’t be. Things and people exist beyond me.

The most recent example is this weekend. I am in Indiana for my cousin’s wedding. These cousins grew up homeschooled, in pentecostal churches, never watching TV. They are the sweetest, kindest hearted, and most innocent people I know.

Our parents are siblings and have lived completely different lives, as have we. We all love Jesus so much and have committed to living our lives for him. But we could not be more different! How did I turn out so worldly? Why do things that shock them do nothing for me? Why have I justified some situations that they are appalled at?

We grew up differently, but still. Where did my standards for what is right and wrong for me to be a part of change? I have talked about this topic endlessly and thought about it with much conviction. I love where I’m at and my relationship with God. I am by no means perfect. I mess up everyday. And even as a Christian, I have been considered quite innocent and naive about “street smarts.” But next to my cousins, I am Jezebel! (If you don’t know who that is, check out the Bible 1Kings 16-2Kings 9)

I’m sorry, I don’t feel like this blog is very coherent, but my point is this: I wish I would guard my heart more. I wish I would hold myself to a higher standard of purity. Because I am not pure. I don’t know why I called this blog Pure…ish. It should be called Not Pure. There are good people out there. I am not one of them. Not even 50.1% good.

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