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I was praying with my dear friend Brittany today. She and I lead our campus outreach team in the Christian group I’m a part of here at University of Arizona. We were praying for next semester and the things that are going to happen, for God to give us strength and grow in us mightily. We know that with these things that we are being called to do on campus will come much persecution. And this isn’t just persecution from strangers, but it will be constantly spiritual and also from our own community.

So I was thinking about that aspect. Will my closest friends turn on me? Will they unsupport me? When I am doing crazy and uncomfortable things will they run in the opposite direction?

I have a few friends in mind for this. I hope you are reading this. My request is that you all lift Brittany and I up in prayer. If there is ever a moment of doubt or disagreement in you, pray about it, dwell on it. Come to me with that if the doubt sticks, but come to me encouragingly and gently. I need my community. I need support. I need to be actively loved. I need to be given the benefit of the doubt.

I guess this is my warning, my only way of really preparing anyone else. Please love me. If you don’t meet those requests, it’s ok. I will still love you. Because it’s not you all who I should rely on for strength, it’s Christ.


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