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Nike 1:1

Just Do It. (Swoosh!)

So there’s this pastor, Pastor Jackson and he’s from Africa. He’s got the voice of Rafiki and the fire of God in him. Honestly, the two times I went to hear him speak, I was refreshed. This man spoke of the differences between the way we Christians live in America verses the followers of Christ in Africa.

I hope one day I can be among the crowds of African followers worshipping in their beautiful tongue, dancing with joy, shouting and screaming and hollering about my Lord all out in the open.

Pastor Jackson says that in Africa, they read the word and do it. They don’t buy more books and listen to tapes and sermons and read more books until *poof* things change. African followers read the word and JUST DO IT.

In public today, one of my friends said that I, Bridget Gee follow the Word. That it seems easy for me. I just go out and do what, word says, as I applied it to my life. So she thinks. This woman who views me this way is two years older than me. She is someone I see not only as a friend but I look up to and respect as authoritative. She invited me into leadership and ministry opportunities that she believed I would be good at. She has a lot of faith in me. To me, she is amazing. And she has the gall to say, “Bridget, it just seems to come more easily for you.”

That blows my mind. Because for me, “being” a Christian is easy. Living the life that God is everyday calling me to, is not. It blesses my heart to hear that other people see in me someone who does what God teaches me. I’m not saying it’s about being recognized as a good person, because I never expect to. (Rather, I don’t really see myself as one.)

Here’s what I’m trying to say:

It’s good to know I am doing something. Especially when I think I’m not. Because I long to be the crazy in the back who dances and sings (singing louder than I already do). I would love to show my love for God the way they do in other places. What holds me back from that? What am I afraid of? Falling deeper into God’s life and hope?

I am looking for something contagious lately. My prayer is that I can be crazy.

God, make me crazy.


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