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You must absolutely be crazy about me. I make you absolutely crazy.

You make me laugh and giggle and smile all the time.

I smile when I talk about you, but I don’t even realize it.

Even though I’m not, you believe that I am one of the most intriguing things…ever.

We will adventure together. Dance, climb trees, invite many people many places, explore.

Together we will be able to say so many times, “Oh yeah, we did that.”

You will cook for me.

I will cook for you.

We might get into fights about who cleans up what and when, but not that much.

We will always be enough.

We will be each other’s second best refuge.

I will never love anyone like you.

Sometimes, I have believed that I could be fine on my own because I have the King, but no, the King is blessing me with you so much more.

Occasionally, you’ll break out a poem or song you wrote.

Because you’ll play an instrument.

We’re gonna have more fun than anyone. (On account that I’m really fun.)

You’d love reading things like this.

We’ll be great examples.

I can/can’t wait.



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