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My identity was stolen this past weekend. Someone stole my money without even having my card. The whole situation is entirely frustrating. First of all, they took more than half my money (which really isn’t that much, don’t worry). But half my money means something for a poor college kid trying to save up.

At first, I wasn’t freaking out because I thought that it would be taken care of. But then I realized…I might not get my money back. And I freaked. I freaked because of how easy it was for someone to take what I earned. I freaked because there may be no justice for me.

And then my dad brought up tithing. He asked me how often I have tithed lately. And I haven’t. Because I have not been to church regularly. So my dad tells me this story about how he went out of his way to tithe (my mom had forgotten to) because financially, things were going wrong. And when that happened, the tension let up.

Here’s what happened for me: I was all twisted up inside. I was mad and sad and upset that something like this would happen to me. I completely took my eyes off of God. Jesus said to me, “It’s all about me, Bridge.” So, when I have the money, I’m going to tithe what I owe. I know a lot of Christians have trouble with tithing, but I don’t.

1. It shows God that you trust him to be your sole provider.

2. Churches need money. Seriously. Grace Chapel Scottsdale. Good example.

If you don’t tithe, pray about it. And think about how your finances look. I want to take every possible situation to show my God that I trust him more than anything that I can. Plus, why should I freak out about $75 dollars?

Really. My God is so much bigger.


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