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I wanted to stop for a second and write about my day.

I got 5 hours of sleep last night for the 7:30am midterm I had. I could have gone to sleep much earlier, but I didn’t know that. So I woke up hating life for the first hour of my day. I went outside and it was 53 degrees. For me, that’s cold. And I was wearing this little comfy sweater. Comfy, but not wind repelling. I had to get off my bike for a little bit on the way to class because I couldn’t breathe. I found out my midterm was about a 1000x easier than I studied for and had an hour before my next class. So I got myself a bagel and coffee. Even though I am not a fan of coffee. But dang, it’s cold today. Then I sat through my theater class like a grump because I am so tired it hurts. My partner thought I was just being mean to him. Ha. Then I went to my next class and sat their for 24 minutes going over the midterm, which I didn’t do too well on.

But everything changed when I walked out the door. The chilly wind blew high above in the palm trees. It was refreshing for my warm and tired face. The sun was shining and everything looked beautiful, sounded beautiful, and felt wonderful.

How God, did I neglect to see this until 4 hours into my day? I am tired, but you are my strength. I am weak, but you are my joy. I even laughed at the seemingly hobo man riding his bike away from campus with two extra tires over his handlebars. (I hope there isn’t a tireless bike on campus somewhere. Because poor bike owner, a hobo stole them. Haha.)

Then I remember the last few days. In the last five days, I have heard from so many of my friends wishing me a happy birthday. And I know that facebook wall posts can be impersonal, but still. I got texts, phone calls, and way more people attended my birthday party than I expected. One of my friends told me, “Bridget, look at how many people love you?” I am just grateful that God pours out on my heart and gives me the kind of love I desire. I love people and in return, they love me back. I can only attribute that to God.

I know this is a ramble. But the point is that even though I’m tired to the point of passing out, I am happy. Very happy.


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