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Hey everybody!

He’s alive! He’s so over sin and death! He wants to be with us forever!

I wanted to take the moment to CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is the day I celebrate everything in my life. Any good in my life is because my God is so good. He became man to get closer to me. He lived a perfect life as a sacrifice for me. He died on the cross to get rid of my bondage to sin. And he rose again because MY GOD CAN’T and WON’T STAY DEAD! He isn’t human. There’s new life for everyone! There’s an invitation into something new, fresh and exciting with Jesus. There’s a love like no else in Christ that will fill you up and you won’t get anywhere else! It’s the BEST thing. It’s THE thing. I promise.

So there.

It’s all about my love, Jesus. I’m happy.


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